Sunday, March 29, 2009

Making, Saving & Sharing a digital "workable template"

Making and Importing "Workable Templates"

How to save a file as a "workable template":

  1. Create your page or card in StoryBook Creator Plus. If you only want to save ONE page or card, create it as the ONLY page within that project.
  2. Once you have it just the way you want it, click on "Save".
  3. On the Home Ribbon at the top of the screen, click on the drop down arrow below the Save Icon.
  4. Choose the second choice, "Save As". You can choose to rename your page or card.
  5. Browse to a folder that you will remember, and save your page to that folder.
  6. Now, you are able to share that card or page as a workable template by emailing it as an attachment!

The recipient of the card or page can import your project into their StoryBook Creator Plus by following these steps:

  1. DOWNLOAD the item onto the computer desktop or into a folder. Do NOT try to open" the card or page.
  2. OPEN or CREATE a same-sized project in StoryBook Creator Plus.
  3. For example, if the item is a 4 x 6 landscape card, you would need to open or create a 4 x 6 landscape project.)
  4. Go to the Home Ribbon at the top of the screen and click on IMPORT PAGE BROWSE to the place the card was downloaded and import it.
  5. It will come in as a workable template and can be customized, printed and shared!!!!

Baby Chick Scrapbook Accent

Cardstock - White, Gold, Orange
Circle Maker
Mini Star Maker
Fine-Tip Pen - Black
Precision Point Adhesive

How to Create:
Using Circle Maker, punch large circle shape from both white and gold cardstock. Using scissors, cut zig-zag pattern down center of white piece. Adhere white piece to bottom of gold circle.

Using Mini Star Maker, punch two small star shapes from orange cardstock. Adhere star shapes behind white piece using Precision Point Adhesive.

Using Circle Maker, punch small circle shape from gold cardstock. Using scissors, cut small slivers from edge of this circle shape, then adhere to backside of chick's body to form wings.

Fold small section of orange cardstock in half. Using scissors, snip small piece into triangle shape to form beak. Adhere to chick using Precision Point Adhesive. Draw eyes with fine-tip pen.

Project Created by:
Bekki Reighard, Creative Memories Design Team

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Chilli Peppers - Digitally or Scraped

Paisley Maker Chili Peppers

Scrap lift challenge - Page 025 Ingredients

How to Create them Digitally -

  1. Go to “shapes” tab and “shapes 1” and find the paisley shape and select “cut shape out of piece of paper”. Choose a red paper from the Primary Digital Power Palette.
  2. Repeat step 1, cutting out of green paper from the Primary Digital Power Palette.
  3. For the “tops” go to the “shapes” tab and “shapes1” and find the burst1. Select “cut shape out of a piece of paper” and choose a dark green from the Primary Digital Power Palette. Cut shape and position on top of the paisley shape and then you have a chili pepper.
Scrapbooking Technique -
1. Punch the "paisley" out of the Paisley Shape Maker (currently ON SALE 30% off!!) in red and green papers. Punch the "top" from our Galaxy Micro Maker. The splat shape is used here. The splat shape also creates a fabulous grass border for your summertime pages.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Memory Manager is ON SALE!

Memory Manager is on sale for $29.95 when purchased alone. The Click it II Collection is not on sale even though Memory Manager is in that Collection so my recommendation is...

Combine Memory Manager with the Click it I Collection! Here is the break down

Click it I includes

Storybook Creator Plus, Doodles and Swirls Content CD and Blush Blooms and Best Buds CD with Coupon worth $39.95.

Add Memory Manager and your total is $128.95 with S&H and Tax your total is $149.01

If you were to purchase Click it II which includes Storybook Creator Plus, Memory Manager and Blush Blooms and Best Buds CD with Coupon worth $39.95. Your total would be $129 with S&H and Tax your total is $149.07.

So you can see the difference. Same money....but the first option is a much better deal with MORE digital stuff!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fun FONTS....find & install them

How can I find and install cool, fun fonts like the ones I've seen in many of the projects on this site?
There are several free sites that you can visit to browse and download fonts. Some of our favorites are:
After you download the fonts of your choice, you will need to install them to your machine. On Vista machines, you will need to extract font files from zip files, then go into your Control Panel and install fonts to your machine. On other Windows Machines, simply extract the font files, then copy them to the C:\Windows\Fonts directory on your computer. NOTE: if you install fonts while StoryBook Creator Plus Software is open, the fonts will not immediately appear. Close the software, then relaunch to make fonts available.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day digital card

Digital Scrapbook Project Idea - Four Leaf Clover Card

Card_clover - Page 001 Ingredients:

  • Storybook Creator Plus
  • Delight Power Palette Kit
  • Digital embellishments - Sewing Room -
  • Primary (for stitches)
  • Digital embellishments - Sewing Room - Baby Girl
  • Fonts used- Century Gothic and Gloucester MT Extra Condensed

How to create:

  1. Open a new 4x6 project.
  2. Add Paper22 to workspace. Next cut shape as shown out of Paper18. Place centered on workspace.
  3. Add four leaf clover embellishment (click here to download this embellishment) onto workspace. Center in the middle of the shape.
  4. Add two stitches to each side of the shape.
  5. Add pink ribbon across the bottom of the card.
  6. Lastly, create a text box for sentiment.

Finished size: 4x6

WISHES - pop up inspirational card

Simply dress up a pre-purchased stand-up notepad (available at most dollar stores) with some paper, embellishments and a photo for a great inspirational gift! Perfect for the desktop at the office, college or home!

How to create:
Simply cut piece of blue diamond patterned paper to fit on page. Add title sticker, photo framed with black frame sticker and star strip embellishment adhered with foam squares.

Project created using Wishes & Dreams Kit, Scissors and Foam Squares.

Designed by Clarissa Romano

How to create a digital card!

Creating custom cards in SBC+ three ways

All_cards Hi there! :) I'm going to show how you can create quick and easy custom cards three different ways using Storybook Creator Plus. :) The first card will be printed out and used just as is - flat with no dimension. The second card will be embellished using some digital embellishments that I'm going to print out and attach to the card. And the third card I'm going to create will be one that I create a foundation for in StoryBook Creator Plus and then print out and embellish using other wonderful Creative Memories traditional product goodies! Let's begin!

Note: I will be creating the first two cards on one workspace so that they can be printed on one letter sized piece of cardstock to save paper. The third card will be created on one workspace as well, along with the digital embellishments we need for the second card. That way we can save time and paper and print them out together on one sheet. :)

First card: Card with no dimension & Second card: Card with printed out digital embellishments


First card:

Second card:

  • StoryBook Creator Plus Software
  • Delight Power Palette Digital Kit
  • Digital Embellishments - Doodles
  • Digital Embellishments - Sewing Room - Baby Girl
  • Colored pencils
  • Foam tabs
  • Black Swirly ABC/123 letter stickers
  • Font used: Century Gothic

How to create both cards:

  1. Create a new custom project that is a 8.5 x 11 landscape project.
  2. Add Paper23 to background.
  3. Unlock background paper and restore aspect ratio by clicking on paper and then clicking "aspect ratio" and then "restore aspect ratio."
  4. Cut rectangular shape out of Paper16. Add on workspace as shown going all the way across the bottom of the project. Place it 5.25 inches from the top (right click on paper and then click on properties to change top to 5.25).
  5. Add label embellishment 0.50 from the left centered.
  6. Next add "blessings" embellishments to label centered, leaving room below for more of the sentiment.
  7. Place "blessings" 5.94 from the top of the label.
  8. Create text box and add "to you" below "blessings." Use color tool to change color to dark brown.
  9. Add green polka dotted ribbon from the Digital Embellishments - Sewing Room - Baby kit along the bottom of the striped paper all the way across the card.
  10. Add a button to each hole in the first card's label.
  11. Create text box for "created with love by ..." and place at the top of each card centered - 1.375 from left. Rotate text box 180 degrees so that when it's printed it will be placed correctly (you can click on text box, then properties then change the rotation to 180).
  12. Save project as a jpeg. (To do this, click on the "Home" tab. You will see a blue disk icon, and under you will see the word "Save" with a down arrow next to it. Click the Down Arrow and choose "Save Pages As". Choose the folder to save your project in, enter project name in "Start File Names With", select "Current Page" and make sure the Resolution is set at "Best, 300 DPI". Click "Save" and your project will be saved out as a jpg.
  13. Print out project (be sure to check borderless printing in your printing settings) and cut paper in half length-wise. Fold those sheets in half to make two cards.
  14. Stick the first card in an envelope as is and mail it off to someone. It'll make their day. :) Set aside the second card for just a bit. We're going to go and create the third card and the digital embellishments we're going to use for the second card.
  15. Once you've printed out the Digital Embellishment - Doodles with the third card, color them with colored pencils, cut them out and then add to the card as shown. I did some layering using foam tabs for great dimension. I also added the little doodled heart to the sentiment on the back using foam tabs. :)

Finished sizes:
5.5 x 4.25

Third card: Custom card created in StoryBook Creator Plus with added traditional embellishments


How to create:

  1. Create a new 8.5 x 11 landscape project.
  2. Cut 8.5 x 5.5 rectangle shape out of Paper23. Place on left side of the workspace.
  3. Cut 5.5 inch wide rectangle out of Paper16 and place 5.25 inches from top.
  4. Create text box at the top of the workspace - centered in the middle of the orange paper. Add "created with love by..." sentiment. Rotate 180 degrees (See above for how to do that)
  5. In the empty workspace, add the following embellishments: Heart2 (change size to 1.11x 1.28), Heart1 (change size to 0.75 x 0.89) and CircleFrame3 (change size to 2.75x2.62).
  6. Save project as jpeg.
  7. Print out (be sure to set your printer settings to borderless).
  8. Cut in half lengthwise. Fold first half into card. Add label sticker, "Dream sticker" and punch out some mini butterflies using the Meadow Micro Maker punch. Cut out strip of yellow paper and hand cut scallop. Place on card as shown.
  9. See #15 above (in the first set of instructions) to see what to do with the digital embellishments you printed out.

Finished size:
5.5 x 4.25