Friday, May 21, 2010

Easy photo editing with Memory Manager 3.0

1. Personalizing a photo

a. Within Memory Manager 3.0, go to the START MENU and click on USER SETTINGS

b. Then click on IMAGE EDITING

c. Then make sure the “show item properties during image editing” box is selected. This will let you name, rate and tell the story of your picture while you have it enlarged to edit it without having to close the editing screen.

2. Keeping multiple revisions on a photo

a. Click on the START MENU (yellow album button top left corner)


c. Make sure you have “checked” the box for enable revision management**. This will keep your original as well as an unlimited number of revisions on the same photo instead of keeping the original and the last revision on a photo.

**When you upgraded to MM3.0 you’ll need to make sure that you (again) select this

function before you start importing more images into your computer.

3. To delete a picture from your vault while in the photo editing mode

a. Go to the START MENU (yellow album button top left corner)

b. Click DELETE. This keeps you from having to leave the photo editing screen just to delete the photo.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Make a Wish 2010 - 12x12 Wishful Borders

These borders were created with the Make a Wish border pack we offered as a gift for attending our Make a Wish WISHFUL WORKSHOP this past weekend. In case you didn't have a chance to attend that class, I have posted them here for you.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Decorative Cardstock Shapes

Click on the image to make it larger. I love these fun and super-easy Cardstock Shapes (available in 5/pk). Thanks to Laurie Callison for designing and sharing these ideas.