Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mummy Journaling Block

Mummy Journaling Block

Step 1 – BODY Cut a piece of white cardstock 3” x 6”. Use the black Chalking Ink around the edges. Cut 10 strips of white cardstock 4” x ½”. Use the black Chalking Ink around all the edges.

Step 2 – EYES Using the Bubble Maker, punch eyes with black cardstock. Using the small ¼” Circle Maker, punch eyes with white cardstock. Use the Chalking Inks (brown or black) around the edges. Glue black circle to eyes with the Precision Point Adhesive. Glue finished eyes to the body.

Step 3 – WRAP Lay strips across the body. Angle them differently to make it look more realistic. Trim off the excess hanging over the edges of the body.

Step 4 – DECORATE Use the mini Halloween Maker & punch 3 spiders with black cardstock and adhere to body. Write the journaling on the strips and add to your finished Mummy to your album page.

A big thank you to the consultant that shared this original idea on the forum. I changed the instructions a bit and posted it here to share with all of you. Happy Halloween!

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