Monday, January 26, 2009

Valentine CD case

Give your valentine the gift of beautiful music. Choose a list of songs that have special meaning for the two of you, then burn them to a cd. Decorate an empty jewel case for a special gift that will be used over and over.

To Create:
Measure size of cd case cover, then trim patterned paper to measure the same size. Adhere letter stickers to this piece, then insert into cd case. Tie ribbon around CD cover, then trim. Repeat this for backside of CD case. Insert this piece into case.

Measure width of spine of CD case, then cut white patterned paper to fit. Adhere to spine.

Project created using Primary Valentine Power Palette Additions, Swirly Brown ABC/123 Stickers, Swirly Brown Monogram Stickers and Ribbon.

Designed by Nicole Henrichs

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