Sunday, January 11, 2009

January 2009 Calendar & instructions on how to create a png file

This calendar page was created with the Creative Memories Storybook Plus software (SB+). Once you have the software installed on your computer.....simply download the FREE calendar grids from my website The background papers came from the digital kit Blush Blooms & Best Buds CD and I created the snowman "sticker" as a png file. To create a png file, follow these steps:
*Import your picture into SB+
*'Flatten' your image
*Use the "wand" on the TOOLS ribbon, click around the snowman and delete the unwanted parts.
*Export the edited image to your desktop and save as a png file
*Go to the SB+ home page and open "My Stuff"
*Open a new collection and add your png file as an embellishment

You can now use this embellishment on any SB+ project. A great way to turn your child's artwork into your own stickers! How cool is that!

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  1. AMAZING !! I continue to be impressed with the postings on this blog . Such great ideas ~!