Thursday, January 8, 2009

Snow People Faces layout ideas

These adorable Snow People faces were created with the Creative Memories Custom Cutting System and Oval Template set. To create the "ring" for the earmuffs, simply use the BLUE blade to cut around the outside of your 4x6 template. Then, without moving the template switch to the RED blade and cut around it again. This will give you a "ring" of paper. I used the Precision Point adhesive to adhere it to the back of the Snowman Face.


  1. The paper ring is a cool idea....what other layouts can be made with rings??

  2. You can make "Wedding rings", Olympic Rings, Hula-Hoops. I've even used small ones to spotlight a specific part of a picture and bring focus to it. They also can decorate a journaling box. Using the red/blue blade combo creates a 1/4" ring. The red/green OR blue/green combination will give you a 1/8" ring. However, take care in cutting thinner papers to avoid tearing.